These are Vikings Jokes submitted by Minnesota Vikings Fans.

Vikings Mania Joke #6

Submitted by Lisa 1998
What's the difference between "Cheerios" and the Packers? "Cheerios" belong in a bowl.
What do you call a beautiful girl in Green Bay? A tourist.
Why did the Packer fan climb over the chain link fence? To see what was on the other side.
Did you know that the toothbrush was invented by a Packer fan? It had to be- anyone else would have named it a teethbrush.
One day Mike Holmgren went to one of the Vikings practices. He went over to Denny Green and said, "Denny, your quarterback is so smart? What is your trick? How does he do it?" Denny said, "Mike, since you are an old friend of mine, I'll show you. Hey Randall, come over here. Randall Cunningham came running up. "Yes, Coach?" Then Coach Green asked, "Randall, who is your father's brother's nephew?" Randall said, "That's easy coach, it's me." Denny looked at Mike and said, "There, you see?" So, the next day, Mike was back in Green Bay at the Packers practice. Mike said to his quarterback, "Brett, I have a question for you." Brett came running up and said, "What's the question Coach?" Coach Holmgren asked, "Brett, who is your father's brother's nephew?" Brett looked around, looked at his feet, scratched his head and said, "Coach, let me get back to you on that." So, Brett walked over to Antonio Freeman and said, "Antonio, Coach just asked me the strangest question." Antonio replied, "What's the question?" Brett then said, "Who is your father's brother's nephew?" Antonio replied, "That's easy Brett, it's me." Brett went running back to Coach Holmgren and said, "Coach! Coach! I have the answer for you! It's Antonio Freeman!!!" To which Coach Holmgren replied, "NO, NO, YOU IDIOT!! It's Randall Cunningham!"

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