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Vikings Mania Joke #31

Submitted by Vikingman2000 1/2000
These two Packer Fans were out hunting for deer. While hunting, they came across a set of tracks in the snow. They started arguing over what kind of tracks they were. The first guy said I think they are bear tracks. The second guy said, No, I think that they are Lion tracks. The two kept arguing over who was right. As they stood over the tracks, a train hit them.
Editors note: The train was out of Milwaukee bound for Green Bay. The Engine bore the number 9 - Brett Favre's number! Coincidence?
The train was carrying 2 fully loaded boxcars full of head cheese! Coincidence? And that was how the term "Cheese-Heads" came to be!
Now if you are a Packer fan, you can tell your friends that this is a true story, if you are not a Packer fan, then you can just laugh at them with the rest of us!

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