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Vikings Mania Joke #26

Submitted by Deb 12/99
One day Jesse Ventura came ashore with his Seal Team unit and as he walked down the beach he kicked a bottle that was sticking out of the sand. The cork popped loose, and out came a genie who immediately asked Jesse to make three wishes. His first was to be a famous star. The genie replied she was a bit rusty right now but would make him well known as an actor. His second request was to be a great athlete. The genie answered that she would do her best with his physical attributes and make him a well known and successful professional wrestler. His third request was that he become governor of Minnesota. The genie explained that was probably more than she could accomplish as Minnesota was filled with powerful liberal democrats and their families- the Mondales, the Humphreys, the Andersons, the McGoverns, etc. etc. etc. and told him to make another wish. Jesse then asked that the Vikings be Super Bowl Champions. "What year do you want to be Governor?" replied the genie.
( We have to laugh at ourselves too ya know! LOL)

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