These are Vikings Jokes submitted by Minnesota Vikings Fans.

Vikings Mania Joke #2

The 2 biggest Minnesota Viking fans of all time (Ole' and Sven) were of coarse, up to no good again! They went over to Wisconsin to try and sabotage the Packer's locker room so they would get trapped in there and couldn't make it to the big game on Sunday. Well as it turned out, their plan failed and both of the pranksters suffocated to death while getting stuck crawling through the duct work. Ole' and Sven went up to the pearly gates to try and gain admission. St. Peter just looked at these two and said, "Don't even think about it you two! I've been hearing about your shenanigans and pranks for years now, and quite frankly, I've been waiting a long time for this moment." Ole' and Sven were puzzled by St. Peter's outburst, but soon found themselves in a very unpleasant place called hell. The devil approached them and told them to shovel 15 tons of coal into the blast furnace, in 8 hours or they would be in big trouble. So they did it. 8 hours later the 2 pranksters were relaxing on the coal pile when the devil came back. "Well how do you 2 pranksters like hell?" Ole' and Sven said," Vell, it wasn't too a tougha job eh'! The temperature isa bout right. It feels a like Minnesota in a June don't ya know." This made the Devil very angry, so he turned up the furnace and gave them another 8 hours to shovel 20 tons of coal into it. 8 hours went by and the Devil came back to see Ole' and Sven sitting down again. "Well now how do you 2 like it in hell?" The Devil screamed! "The heat still does not bother you 2?" Ole' and Sven said, "Vell, It a feels like a Minnesota in July or maybe even August for sure eh'." The devil became so outraged at these 2 pranksters that he was bound and determined to show them a thing or 2! The devil shut the furnaces off completely, and opened a cavern that led straight to the north pole. The snow came down to hell with a blizzard like force. The Devil told them they had 8 hours to shovel the 40 Tons of snow that came blowing in. The temperature soon fell to -60 below zero! 8 hours went by and the Devil came back. Ole' and Sven were reclining in their homemade igloos. The Devil could not believe this at all. He asked the 2 how they liked it in hell now! Ole' and Sven said that it felt just like January in Minnesota. They also asked the Devil what the score of the game was? The Devil was bewildered. "Why do you ask this?" "Well," said Ole' and Sven, "De Vikings must'uv surely a wun dat dare Super a Bowl, seein' as how dis a here place is frozed over now!

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