These are Vikings Jokes submitted by Minnesota Vikings Fans.

Vikings Mania Joke #14

Submitted by Cara 7/21/99
Four guys are riding in a car together; one from Idaho, one from Iowa, one from Minnesota and one from Wisconsin. The guy from Idaho rolls down his window and begins to toss out potatoes; the driver (from Minnesota) asks "Why are you doing that?" To which the Idahoan replies, "We have so many potatoes in Idaho, I'm just trying to get rid of some of them" The guy from Iowa rolls down his window and begins to toss out ears of corn; the driver asks "What in heaven's name are you doing that for?" To which the Iowan replies, "We have just got so much corn in Iowa, I'm gonna get rid of as much as I can." A few minutes later the driver (from Minnesota) opens the door and kicks out the guy from Wisconsin.

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