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Just having some fun at VikingsMania with a few jokes about the Packers and even making fun of ourselves.

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These are Vikings Jokes submitted by Minnesota Vikings Fans.

Vikings Mania Joke #25

Submitted by Cristina Hauser 12/99
There are these 3 men (viking fan, bear fan and packers fan) and they have been best friends since childhood. They went to elementary, middle and highschool together. Then they went to college and graduated with the same degrees from the same college and now were working on the same job site as each other, working about 100 stories up in the air at this construction sight. They are on the next to last day of the job site and they have been working on it for about 4 years now. The viking fan picks up his lunch and opens it up and bitches because it's a balogne sandwich. "I have been eating balogne sandwiches for 4 years now, if I get another balogne sandwich, I'm jumping off of this building to my death." The bears fan opens up his lunch and finds a turkey sandwich and bitches and moans also complaining that he was tired of this sandwich and was going to join the viking fan. The packer fan opens his lunch up and finds (whatelse) a cheese sandwich and hesitantly agrees to join his best buds the following day if they were given the same sandwich.
The next day, the viking fan opens up his lunch and there it is, a balogne sandwich. He says his goodbyes and jumps. The bears fan opens his up and finds a turkey sandwich and says his goodbyes and plummets to his death. The packer fan finds his cheese sandwich and since he doesn't have anyone to say good bye to, just jumps off and dies.

The wives decided that since they were best friends and did everything together, that they would bury them together. While at the funeral, the wives were sitting together crying and the wife of the viking fan says, "(boo hoo boo hoo) If I only knew that he wanted a different kind of sandwich I would have made him a different kind (boo hoo boo hoo)". The wife of the bears fan, "(boo hoo boo hoo) If I only knew that he wanted a different kind of sandwich, I would have made him a different kind of sandwich(boo hoo boo hoo)". The wife of the packers fan, "(boo hoo boo hoo) I don't know what to say....He made his own sandwiches. (boo hoo boo hoo)"

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