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Minnesota Vikings jerseys throughout the years and the newest look now. From the team's first debut in 1961 to 1995, the Vikings jerseys have essentially remained the same.

From 1961 to 1964, the Vikings wore purple pants with their white jerseys. In a design that was unique among American football teams, the white jerseys had a completely different stripe pattern, which was over the shoulders, than the purple Vikings jerseys, which was around the sleeve cuff. These unique shoulder stripes on the white jerseys did not appear until 1969, the year they went to their first Super Bowl.

From 1969 through 1973, the Vikings had an alternate purple jersey without stripes for warm-weather games. The Minnesota Vikings team's uniforms were redesigned in 2006.

Minnesota Viking Jersey sizes are 46 = Small, 48 = Medium 50 = Large, 52 = XL X-Large, 54 = 2XL, 56 = 3XL, 58 = 4XL, 60 = 5XL
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